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August 27-29, 2015 (thu-sat) Kalamazoo Island Festival – at Growlers Baseball Field, Mayor Riverfront Park in Kalamazoo (West MI). + facebook
Annual. Reggae music includes “international, national, regional, and local talent and is the largest celebration of the Caribbean culture in Michigan.”

August 28-30, 2015 (fri-sun) Blues By The Bay – in East Tawas, MI (East Michigan).
Annual three day blues festival presented by the Tawas Bay Blues Society (TBBS).

Performer Line-Up on website, $20 for all three days.

August 28-30, 2015 (fri-sun) Porcupine Mountains Music Festival – in the U.P. (upper peninsula). + facebook
Annual, held in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. Annual festival features “folk, blues, bluegrass and contemporary music from top-class nationally touring artists as well as up and coming Michigan artists.

Over 30 artists, outdoor stages.”

August 28-30, 2015 (fri-sun) Sun Dried Music Festival – in Mason, MI (near Lansing). + facebook
Annual, free Admission, showcases a variety of musical performances ranging from rock, jazz, blues, latin jazz, salsa, and country.

September 4-6, 2015 (fri-sun) Marquette Area Blues Fest – in Marquette, MI (U.P., upper peninsula).
Marquette Area Blues Society (MABS) Annual Blues Festival in the Upper Peninsula includes main performances, music workshops, dance workshops, festival after party.

September 4-7, 2015 (fri-mon) Arts, Beats & Eats Festival (Ford Arts, Beats & Eats) – in Royal Oak, MI

(just north of Detroit). + facebook
“Oakland County’s Favorite Summer Festival Celebrating Art, Music, Cuisine and Humanity. The festival will offer more than 200 performances on ten stages, a highly ranked Juried Fine Arts Show, local restaurants with some of the finest cuisine in metro Detroit, plus international, regional and local attractions. annual event every Labor Day Weekend.

September 4-7, 2015 (fri-mon) Detroit Jazz Festival – 35th Annual – at Hart Plaza, Downtown Detroit Riverfront.
Free Admission, several stages, features Jazz & crossover music.

September 5, 2015 (sat) Thumbfest – in Lexington (in Michigan’s Thumb). + facebook
“Annual, FREE all-day music festival for the entire family with music stages spread throughout downtown Lexington. Thumbfest spotlights acoustic music from traditions as diverse as New Orleans brass to Celtic, PanWorld to blues, Eastern European to Americana.

There are multiple stages, workshops, jam sites, dance hall, song circles, children’s stage area, crafts and a Hootenanny at the end of the night.


08/27 to 08/29 2015 – Island Festival Growler’s Baseball Complex – Kalamazoo, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – I,N,R,L (music types: WL RT RG )

 08/27 to 08/30 2015 – Houghton County Fair Houghton County Fairgrounds – Hancock, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: CY OT FK CH Variety )
 08/28 to 08/29 2015 – Metamora Country Days Metmora Lions Hall and downtown – Metamora, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – L (music types: CY RK Variety )
 08/28 to 08/30 2015 – Blues by the Bay in the Tawases East Tawas City Park – East Tawas, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – I,N,R,L (music types: CZ BL )
 08/28 to 08/30 2015 – Hastings Summerfest Arts and Crafts Show Courthouse Lawn – Hastings, MI Entertainment: 2 stages – R,L (music types: Variety )
 08/28 to 08/30 2015 – Porcupine Mountains Music Festival Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park – Ontonagon, MI Entertainment: 3 stages – I,N,R,L (music types: BL BG CY WL RT FK )
 08/28 to 08/30 2015 – Lincoln Park Days Youth Center Park – Lincoln Park, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – L (music types: CY RK Variety )
 08/29 to 08/29 2015 – Michigan Pride Rally & Festival Old Town – Lansing, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music : SW JZ BL BG CY OT NA RK FK CR CL )
 08/29 to 08/29 2015 – Swartz Creek Art in the Park Elms Park – Swartz Creek, MI Entertainment: 0 w/Roving Performers – l (music types: Variety )
 08/29 to 08/30 2015 – Chesterfield Arts and Music Festival Brandenburg Park – Chesterfield, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: Variety )
 08/30 to 08/30 2015 – Walled Lake Market Day Downtown – Walled Lake, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – L (music types: Variety )
 09/02 to 09/06 2015 – Saline Community Fair Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds – Ann Arbor, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: TF TC CY RK CH Variety )
 09/02 to 09/07 2015 – Dickinson County Fair Dickinson County Fairgrounds – Norway, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – L (music types: CY )
 09/03 to 09/24 2015 – Imlay City Farmers’ Market – September Downtown – Imlay City, MI Entertainment: 0 w/Roving Performers – L (music types: BC JZ ET RA CZ BL BG CY OT WL RT NA RB RG FK CR GP LN CH CL )
 09/04 to 09/07 2015 – Michigan Bean Festival Mulberry Park – Fairgrove, MI Entertainment: 2 stages – R,L (music types: TF CY RK Variety )
 09/05 to 09/05 2015 – Thumbfest 2015 Downtown Lexington – Lexington, MI Entertainment: 8 stages –


09/05 to 09/05 2015 – Art on the Lake at Curtis Erickson Center Park – Curtis, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: Variety )

 09/05 to 09/05 2015 – Springfield’s Car and Craft Show Springfield Farmer’s Market – Springfield, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: OT )

09/05 to 09/06 2015 – Thumb Arts Guild Art in the Park Gallup Park – Port Austin, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: SW BG RK FK Variety )

 09/05 to 09/06 2015 – Algonac Art Fair Algonac Park – Algonac, MI Entertainment: 0 w/Roving Performers – L (music types: JZ ET OT FK )

09/05 to 09/07 2015 – Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival Downtown – Paw Paw, MI Entertainment: 4 stages –

R,L (music types: SW BC CZ BL BG CY RB RP RK CR Variety )

 09/06 to 09/27 2015 – The Sunday Artisan Market – September 315 Detroit Street – Ann Arbor, MI Entertainment: 1 stage – R,L (music types: BL RG FK CL )


  • A ‘tba’ in place of information means “to be arranged“.
  • show dates: The month, starting day, ending day, and the year. Events with dates from prior years indicates that we were unable to get updates as the event sponsor did not respond to our requests to update.
  • sponsor: The organization, promoter or group putting the event on. If a ^ is at the end of the sponsor’s name, this indicates a promoter or multiple shows.
  • show name: If a ^ is at the end of a show name, this indicates a mall show.
  • dir. & The directors for the show; arts and crafts, food, entertainment, and show director and their phone numbers.
  • attnd. last yr: This is the number of people that attended last year. An `na’ indicates a first year event or a mall show. If ‘undisclosed’ this means it was not disclosed by the promoter.
  • # of years: The number of years the event has taken place.
  • deadlines: The deadline to apply to participate. If there is no date, the show closes when filled or no deadline was provided.
  • # food booths: The number of food booths the sponsor plans to have. There will be a number or a description of how the food will be provided i.e.: catered, nonprofit, concession, or local.
  • food booth fees: The fees for food vendors.
  • # exhibitors: The number of exhibitors the sponsor plans to have. (i.e. art, craft, commercial and corp./information, not food or local info booths)
  • exhibitor fees: The fees for artists, craftsmen and other exhibitors.
  • juried: This indicates that the exhibitor must submit slides, photos or a copy of his or her work to be reviewed for acceptance.
  • prize money: This refers to cash only, represented by the amount. An `na’ indicates no prize money reported by promoter.
  • entertainment / stages: The number of stages followed by symbols indicating the level of entertainment and the type of entertainment. See symbols key below.
  • other activities: Any other activities or entertainment that will be a part of the event.
  • show location: The exact place, city and state where the event will take place.ENTERTAINMENT SYMBOLS KEY:AL = alternative AM = Americana  BC = Beach  BG = Bluegrass BL = Blues    CL = Classical/Symphony CH = Children’s CR = Christian CY = Country CZ = Cajun/Zydeco EL = Electronic ET = Ethnic EX = Experimental FK = Folk FU = Funk GP = Gospel JM = Jam JZ = Jazz LN = Latin ME = Metal NA = New Age OP = Opera OT = Old-Time RA = Ragtime RB = Rhythm & Blues/Soul RG = reggae RK = Rock RO = Rockabilly RP = Rap RT = Roots SO = Soul SP = Spoken Word SW = Swing TC = Dj/Dance/Techno TF = Top Forty WL = World Variety = All kinds of music, many different types.                                                                                        —————————————————————————————————————————————
  • na:  Indicates non applicable or none.
  • Entertainment Levels: I = International, N = National, R = Regional, L = Local Music:

– ” It’s a – Good Thing ” –



Jazz Fest Lansing - 2015 Jazz Fest Lansing – 2015


Friday, August 7, 2015

Main Stages (1200 block of Turner St.)

5:30 – 6:30 Dot Org
MICA (South) Stage

6:00-7:00 Marcus Elliot
North Stage

7:00-8:30 Paul Keller Orchestra
MICA (South) Stage

8:30-9:30 Jim Cooper Quartet
North Stage

9:30-11:00 Tony Monaco / Fareed Haque Trio featuring Randy Gelispie
MICA (South) Stage

11:00-12:00 Fareed Haque’s MathGames
North Stage

River Stage (Under the Big Tent in City Lot 56)

5:45-6:45 Anthony Stanco – Jazz trumpet workshop

7:15-8:15 JAMM Scholarship Trio featuring Clif Metcalf
Saturday, August 8, 2015

Main Stages (1200 block of Turner St.)

2:00-3:00 Lansing Community College Jazz Band
MICA (South) Stage

3:00-4:00 Beth Stalker
North Stage

4:00-5:30 George DeLancey
MICA (South) Stage

5:30-6:30 Endea Owens
North Stage

6:30-8:00 Betty Joplin
MICA (South) Stage

8:00-9:00 Chris Lawrence & Linosphere
North Stage

9:00-10:30 Grupo Aye
MICA (South) Stage

10:30-12:00 Late Night Grooves with Duncan McMillan

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Latin + Music – Dance –
From a few Music Types –

Son y Casino

In my previous article, I attempted to make a case about one of the advantages of learning to dance to the conga sound (which emphasizes the second and forth count). Unlike the clave, the conga is more explicit in most songs to which you listen nowadays. Therefore, if you are a beginner trying to learn how to keep a beat, learning to follow the conga’s sound functions, to this effect, much better than if you were to try finding the sound of the clave which, because it is implicit, you cannot hear.

There is another advantage to following the conga sound, which I will make a case for in this piece. And this advantage is that, by following the conga, you not only learn the preferred count for dancing the Cuban dance called son (which is danced on the 2), but you also learn the correct way of stepping to…

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– Some Thoughts from Some Dance types –

Son y Casino

Hello, everybody! This is the second video blog post from son y casino. In this one, we talk about how to find the clave during the montuno section of the song using the cowbell pattern. I hope it helps!

Recommended readings in case some of the things said in the video do not make sense or are confusing:

On the distinction between the introduction and the montuno:


On the difference between the 3-2 clave and 2-3 clave:


Once you’re done watching the above video, this following video shows what I explained above. From 3:20 to 4:20 you have a minute-long frame showing the cowbell and clave players, and you can see what I was explaining above.

In more modern music, it is a little harder to hear so clearly the cowbell pattern, so…

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