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Son y Casino

Every now and then, while browsing YouTube or reading some of the stuff that people post on Facebook, I come across some comments in which people injudiciously apply the label “Afro-Cuban music” to son music, specially its more modern version: what people call “timba.” I do not know if this is due to the tremendous exposure to Afro-Cuban culture on a global scale, with the growing number of Afro-Cuban dance workshops that are being taught nowadays all around the world. Or if it is because most of the Cuban musicians that people see nowadays do happen to be black.

Whatever the reason, this assertion—that son/timba is (only) Afro-Cuban music, or music of the black Cubans—lacks veracity.

In this piece, I examine the “wrongness” of the aforementioned assertion by going through a series of reasons which should, at the end, make it very clear that son/timba are in fact, more than…

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