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Some months ago, I wrote a quite extensive article explaining the differences between what people refer to as the “2:3 clave” and the “3:2 clave”. And it boils down to this: there is really just one clave pattern, when you listen to it in a loop, the 3-side being the beginning; but most Cuban musicians nowadays choose to begin the musical phrase of the song on the 2-side, so that the 1 count of the dancer happens to be on the 2-side of the clave; therefore, if we were to dance to the clave where our 1 count is on the 3-side—that is, going with the normal clave pattern—we would be going against where the song is actually saying the 1 count is (in this case, the 2-side). If all of this is confusing to you, I strongly recommend that you read that piece first here and then come back…

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