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Quote – Video – Ink Blots –

YouTube – Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
The 1st video from 5 time Grammy-nominated album St. Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley. "You are the best. You are the worst. You are average. Your love is a part of you. You try to give it away because you cannot bear its radiance, but you cannot separate it from yourself. To understand your fellow humans, you must understand why you give them you…


Quote – Great Old Tune –

YouTube – The Zombies – Time of the Season


Quote  – Great Old Tune

YouTube – The Zombies – She’s Not There


Quote  – Disco – WCS – Slow  – 

YouTube – He’s The Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge ‘1978


Quote  – Disco – WCS-Slow –

YouTube – Lara Fabian – I will love again

Did I ever tell you how you live in me Every waking moment, even in my dreams And if all this talk is crazy And you don’t know what I mean Does it really matter Just as long as I believe [Chorus:] I will love again Though my heart is breaking, I will love again Stronger than before I will love again Even if it takes a lifetime to get…

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