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Friday –  May 22 – – – Tuesday – May 26 – 2015 –


Friday, May 22,

visit the Michigan Sound Conference (Detroit Public Library, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.),

catch some films at the Electric Roots Micro Music Film Festival in the evening (Charles Wright Museum, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.).

6 p.m.-4 a.m. – TV Lounge

Formerly Half Past Three, formerly the Blue Ribbon Bar,

you’ll hear the smooth blends of Norm Talley in the alley behind the bar (Tunnel Effect)

before checking out the big Chicago boom of Smart Bar residents Michael Serafini and the Black Madonna

(Smart Bar x Resident Advisor Opening BBQ).

numerous other DJs will join them after that.

Fjord Agency

9 p.m.-3 a.m. – Whisky Parlor

Steven Reaume, manager at Grand Trunk and longtime party promoter,

throwing his first parties in the Atlas Building in Eastern Market during the final years of the Reagan administration.

He’s throwing multiple events during the festival,

the key party is Fjord Agency at the Whisky Parlor, a reinterpreted space above Grand Trunk.

His longtime colleague, the Michigan-raised, California-mussed Marke Bieschke, joins him


Listen Live on RBMA Radio

Red Bull Music Academy Radio will broadcast live from Movement all weekend long,

bringing you exclusive interviews and performances from select artists .

Saturday, May 23 (all times EST)

hop on a bicycle and get a tour of Detroit’s musical history

from the Music Institute to the Packard Plant to Wheelhouse Bike Shop.

(Techno in the 313 Bike Tour, noon-4 p.m.).

7 p.m.: Octave One
8 p.m.: Method Man
9 p.m.: Eats Everything

? Of Special Interest ???

Rick Wilhite

Red Bull Music Academy Stage
the fourth member of the Detroit supergroup 3 Chairs,

alongside  Moodymann and  Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman,

producing since 1983 and was once the owner of Vibes, the now-closed record shop in Detroit.

Urban Tribe

Made in Detroit Stage  – Presented by THUMP: Detroit Love Showcase

DJ Stingray has arguably some of the best selected techno sets in Detroit.

The Urban Tribe moniker began with Ingram alone,

but he since had help from several influential friends,

such as Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Kenny Dixon, Jr., and Carl Craig.

Jay Daniel

Made in Detroit Stage – Presented by THUMP: Detroit Love Showcase
1 of the rising artists in the new generation of Detroit’s electronic music scene,

Jay Daniel is proving to be a young producer to watch.

Paula Temple

Underground Stage

The four on the floor techno goddess

a force to be reckoned with.

Let her set from Tresor do the talking.


8-10 p.m. – Sixth State

Carl Craig and Mike Banks Live

10-11:30 p.m. – Thump Stage

Craig started this festival. – he now plays live and/or DJs at it every year.

Underground Resistance co-founder and musician Banks joins him on stage.


The Formula

9 p.m.-4 a.m. – Drive Table Tennis Club



lineup features Detroit house heads and longtime critical faves

Minx and Pirahnahead, John Collins, and Baltimore’s Karizma. Drive

in the Penobscot Building, once held the illustrious WJLB, home of the Electrifying Mojo —

a must for out-of-towners.

Deep Detroit: Juan Atkins, Kai Alcé, and Stefan Ringer

10 p.m. – 1515 Broadway

likely sold out, ?

The legendary Music Institute used to be located down the street.

Alcé, whose party this is, remembers that moment well, and curates accordingly.

This is the seventh incarnation of the party, and features Atkins, who is celebrating 35 years of producing music.

The foreboding, subtle house producer Ringer, like Alcé based in Atlanta, opens up.


Sunday, May 24

3:30 p.m.: Rone
5 p.m.: Wajeed
6 p.m.: People Under the Stairs
8 p.m.: Danny Brown
11 p.m.: Model 500


Movement Main Stage
Frankfurt-born and Detroit-raised Gabi found love in electronic music early on

performed at earlier Movement festivals,

her DJ sets have a minimalistic dub techno chug with a melodic, deep-tech house feel .

Heathered Pearls

Made in Detroit Stage – Presented by THUMP: Ghostly International Showcase

the A&R of Detroit’s Ghostly International label—Heathered Pearls—

has a way with DJ sets that allow him to seamlessly navigate through several genres.


Monday, May 25

2 p.m.: Charles Trees
2:30 p.m.: Nick Speed
3:30 p.m.: DJ Godfather featuring Good Money
7 p.m.: Ben UFO

JETS (Jimmy Edgar & Machinedrum)

Red Bull Music Academy Stage

Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) both founders of Ultramajic label are JETS

both pillars of the current electronic music scene.


Made in Detroit Stage – Presented by THUMP: Kevin Saunderson Presents Origins

D.Wynn was the tour DJ for Kevin Saunderson’s late 80s house and techno group, Inner City.

a staple in Detroit Techno, he was also a resident DJ at the Detroit Music Institute—



2-4 p.m. – Sixth Stage

funk-driven dance music  in the hands of good, earnest, musically trained post-post-hardcore, bassist

Shawn Rudiman

9-9:30 p.m. – Sixth Stage

Hats off to Detroit Techno Militia for putting Rudiman on at the festival.

He is very serious about Depeche Mode too.

It will be a short set, – be on time.


 Richie Hawtin

11 p.m. – Masonic Temple


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Full Energy

5:30 a.m.-4 p.m.  –  UFO Factory

After the dance, let Auxetic Detroit, the brainchild of Maggie Derthick take you home on Tuesday.

The Audio Rescue Team of sonic-scene professionals Alan Bogl and Michael Fotias,

Detroit duo Ataxia will be featured.


// Michigan FM Radio Dial Guide – Dials

Michigan FM Radio Dial Guide

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.1  CBEE yes Chatham, ON Variety; CBC1 CBEW info
88.1  CBON yes Sault Ste Marie French info
88.1  WBFH yes Bloomfield Hills High School info
88.1  WBLW yes Gaylord Religious info
88.1  WHPR yes Highland Park Urban/Talk info
88.1  WHYT yes Imlay City Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.1  WLGH yes Lansing Contmpry Christian info
88.1  WSDP yes Plymouth High School info
88.1  WSFP yes Harrisville Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.1  WSMF yes Monroe Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.1  WVPE yes Elkhart, IN Public: Talk/Jazz info
88.1  WYCE yes Grand Rapids Public: Variety info
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.3  WCBN yes Ann Arbor College info
88.3  WCXK yes Kalamazoo Adt Christian Contemp WCSG info
88.3  WDTE yes Grosse Pte Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.3  WEAX yes Angola, IN College info
88.3  WEJC yes Midland Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.3  WKIW yes Ironwood Contmpry Christian KLVR info
88.3  WKPK yes Michigamme Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.3  WNFA yes Port Huron Contmpry Christian info
88.3  WSHJ Southfield High School info
88.3  WSMZ yes Hart Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.3  WTCY yes Greilickville Religious WTCK info
88.3  WXOU yes Auburn Hills College info
88.3  WXTS yes Toledo High School: Jazz info
88.3  WXUT yes Toledo College info
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.5  WCTP yes Bad Axe Religious info
88.5  WGNC Constantine Christian Country info
88.5  WGVU yes Allendale Public: Talk/Jazz info
 WGVU-2 yes Oldies WGVU AM
 WGVU-3 Jazz
88.5  WIAB yes Mackinaw City Classical WIAA info
88.5  WJOM yes Eagle Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.5  WNLI yes Sturgeon Bay, WI Contmpry Christian KLRD info
88.5  WOAS yes Ontonagon High School info
88.5  WYSA yes Wauseon, OH Contmpry Christian WYSZ info
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.7  CIMX yes Windsor Modern Rock info
88.7  WIAA yes Interlochen Classical info
88.7  WSIS yes St. Joseph Contmpry Christian WLGH info
88.7  new Quinesec —- info
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
88.9  WAKL yes Flint Contmpry Christian KLVR info
88.9  WBLU yes Grand Rapids Public: Classical/Talk WBLV info
88.9  WCRR Manistique Religious info
88.9  WDBM yes East Lansing College info
88.9  WGZR yes Alpena Religious WTCK info
88.9  WHEY yes Muskegon Contmpry Christian info
88.9  WSND yes South Bend Classical info
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
89.1  WDTR yes Imlay City Contmpry Christian WLGH info
89.1  WEMU yes Ypsilanti Public: Jazz/Talk info
 WEMU-2 Folk/Roots
89.1  WIDR yes Kalamazoo College info
89.1  WLKB yes Bay City Contmpry Christian KLVR info
89.1  WOCR yes Olivet College info
89.1  WPHS Warren High School/Classical info
Freq Call City Format Parent HD More
89.3  CKGW yes Chatham, ON Religious info
89.3  WBLD Orchard Lake High School info
89.3  WGNB yes Zeeland Religious info
89.3  WHFR yes Dearborn College info
89.3  WJKN yes Spring Arbor Religious info
89.3  WSHN Munising Religious info
89.3  WSMB yes Harbor Beach Contmpry Christian WLGH info
89.3  WTLI yes Boyne City Contmpry Christian WLGH info
89.3  WYSZ yes Toledo Contmpry Christian info
89.5  CBSM yes Sault Ste Marie Variety; CBC1 info
89.5  WAHS Auburn Hills High School/Classical info
89.5  WBCY yes Archbold, OH Contmpry Christian WBCL info
89.5  WCMU yes Mt. Pleasant Public: Classical/Talk HD info
89.5  WBCY yes Archbold, OH Contmpry Christian WBCL info
89.5  WDTP yes Huron Twp Contmpry Christian WLGH info
89.5  WOVI Novi High School info
89.7  WHND yes Sister Bay, WI Public: Classical/Talk WPNE info
89.7  WJOJ yes Alpena Contmpry Christian WLGH info
89.7  WLMN yes Manistee Public: News/Talk WICA info
89.7  WLNZ yes Lansing Public: Adult Alt. HD info
 WLNZ-2 yes Jazz
89.7  WSPB CP Bedford info
89.7  WTAC yes Flint Contmpry Christian WLGH info
89.7  WUBS South Bend Religious info
89.7  new CP Ironwood info
89.7  new CP Lexington info
89.9  CBE yes Windsor Variety; CBC2 info
89.9  WAYG yes Grand Rapids Contmpry Christian info
89.9  WAYO yes Berrien Springs Contmpry Christian WAYG info
89.9  WHWG yes Trout Lake Religious WHWL info
89.9  WKDS Kalamazoo High School info
89.9  WLJN yes Traverse City Religious info
89.9  WTHS Holland College info
90.1  WHBP yes Harbor Springs Public: News/Talk WICA info
90.1  WLSO yes Sault Ste Marie College info
90.1  WNMU yes Marquette Public: Variety HD info
90.1  WUCX yes Bay City Public: Classical/Talk WCMU info
90.1  WXPZ Clyde Twp silent info
90.1  WYBA yes Coldwater Religious info
90.3  CBEG yes Sarnia, ON Variety; CBC1 CBE info
90.3  WBLV yes Muskegon Public: Classical/Talk info
90.3  WOTL yes Toledo Religious KEAR info
90.3  WUMI Newberry info
90.5  WKAR yes East Lansing Public: Classical/Talk HD info
 WKAR-2 yes Public: News-Talk WKAR AM
90.5  WPFF yes Sturgeon Bay, WI Contmpry Christian info
90.5  WPHN yes Gaylord Religious info
90.7  WAUS yes Berrien Springs Classical info
90.7  WKKM Harrison Classic Country info
90.7  WMVM Goodman, WI Religious WRVM info
90.7  WNFR yes Sandusky Religious info
90.7  WNMC yes Traverse City Public: Variety info
90.9  WCFG yes Kalamazoo Adt Christian Contemp WCSG info
90.9  WGBE yes Bryan, OH Public: Classical/Talk WGTE info
90.9  WJKZ CP Hanover info
90.9  WMSD yes Rose City Religious info
90.9  WQAC yes Alma College info
90.9  WRCJ yes Detroit Public: Classical/Jazz info
90.9  WSLI yes Belding Contmpry Christian WLGH info
90.9  WTCK yes Charlevoix Religious info
90.9  WTRK yes Freeland Contmpry Christian KLRD info
90.9  new CP Elkton info
90.9  new CP Escanaba info
91.1  WFUM yes Flint Public: News/Talk WUOM HD info
91.1  WGCS yes Goshen, IN Public: Americana info
91.1  WGGL yes Houghton Public: Classical/Talk info
91.1  WOLW yes Cadillac Religious WPHN info
91.1  WPCJ Hillsdale Religious info
91.3  WCKZ yes Orland, IN Contmpry Christian WLAB info
91.3  WCHW Bay City High School/Classical info
91.3  WCSG yes Grand Rapids Adt Christian Contemp info
91.3  WGJU yes East Tawas Religious WTCK info
91.3  WGTE yes Toledo Public: Classical/Talk info
91.3  WJOG yes Petoskey Contmpry Christian WLGH info
91.3  WOES yes Ovid-Elsie High School: Polka info
91.3  WSGR Port Huron College info
91.5  WICA yes Traverse City Public: News/Talk info
91.5  WJOH yes Sault Ste Marie Contmpry Christian WLGH info
91.5  WMHW yes Mt. Pleasant Modern Rock HD info
 WMHW-2 yes Adult Alternative
91.5  WUPX yes Marquette College info
91.5  WVAV CP Vicksburg info
91.5  WVCM yes Iron Mountain Religious WVCY info
91.5  WVMV CP Algonac info
91.7  WCML yes Alpena Public: Classical/Talk WCMU HD info
91.7  WETL South Bend High School info
91.7  WMCQ yes Muskegon Religious info
91.7  WUOM yes Ann Arbor Public: News/Talk HD info
91.7  WXPR yes Rhinelander, WI Public: Variety HD info
91.9  CBEW yes Leamington, ON Variety; CBC1 info
91.9  WDPW Greenville Religious info
91.9  WGCP Cadillac Religious info
91.9  WHDI yes Sister Bay, WI Public: News/Talk WHID info
91.9  WMJC Richland Religious info
91.9  WMTU yes Houghton College info
91.9  WORW Port Huron High School info
91.9  WQKO yes Howe, IN silent info
91.9  WSMO CP Standish info
92.1  WCSR Hillsdale Adult Contemporary info
92.1  WGHN yes Grand Haven Adult Contemporary info
92.1  WHPD yes Dowagiac Contmpry Christian WHPZ info
92.1  WIDL Caro Hot Adult Contmpry info
92.1  WQTX Lansing Country info
92.1  WTWS yes Houghton Lake Country info
92.3  WJPD yes Marquette Country info
92.3  WMXD yes Detroit Adult Urban Contmpry HD info
 WMXD-2 yes Contmpry Christian
92.3  WBNZ Frankfort Adult Contemporary info
92.5  WBGV Marlette Country info
92.5  WFDX yes Atlanta Classic Hits WFCX info
92.5  WJSZ Ashley Hot Adult Contmpry info
92.5  WLAW yes Newaygo Country/Rock info
92.5  WLCJ Marinette, WI Religious info
92.5  WVKS yes Toledo Contemporary Hits info
92.5  WZUU yes Kalamazoo Rock info
92.7  CJSP yes Leamington, ON Variety Hits info
92.7  WDZZ yes Flint Adult Urban Contmpry HD info
92.7  WPIQ yes Manistique Talk info
92.7  WYVN yes Holland Classic Hits info
92.9  CFWJ Sault Ste Marie Tourist Info info
92.9  WJZQ yes Cadillac Contemporary Hits info
92.9  WLMI yes Lansing Classic Hits info
92.9  WNDV yes South Bend Contemporary Hits info
93.1  WDLP yes Fenwick Oldies info
93.1  WDRQ yes Detroit Variety Hits HD info
 WDRQ-2 Dance
93.1  WIMK Iron Mountain Rock WUPK info
93.1  WMLY Marshall Religious info
93.1  WMPA CP Ferrysburg info
93.3  WKQZ yes Midland Active Rock info
93.5  WBCM yes Boyne City Country WTCM info
93.5  WGLN Cedar Lake Religious info
93.5  WHMI Howell Classic Hits info
93.5  WKMJ yes Hancock Hot Adult Contmpry info
93.5  WRQN yes Toledo Classic Hits HD info
93.7  WBCT yes Grand Rapids Country HD info
93.7  WCYE Eagle River, WI Country info
93.7  WKAD Cadillac Oldies info
93.7  WRCL yes Frankenmuth Rhythmic Contmpry Hits HD info
93.9  CIDR yes Windsor Adult Alternative info
93.9  WAVC yes Mio Classic Rock WGFN info
93.9  WDOR Sturgeon Bay, WI Country/MOR info
93.9  WNBY yes Newberry Oldies info
94.1  WUPK Marquette Rock info
94.1  WVIC yes Jackson Modern Rock info
94.1  WWKR Ludington Classic Rock info
94.3  CKSY yes Chatham, ON Adult Contemporary info
94.3  WFCX yes Traverse City Classic Hits info
94.3  WKUF yes Flint College info
94.3  WZNL Iron Mountain Hot Adult Contmpry info
94.3  WZOC Plymouth, IN Oldies info
94.5  WCEN yes Saginaw Country info
94.5  WLJZ yes Mackinaw City Classic Rock WGFN info
94.5  WRJO Eagle River, WI Oldies info
94.5  WTNR yes Grand Rapids Country HD info
94.5  WXKR yes Toledo Classic Rock HD info
 WXKR-2 yes Modern Rock
94.7  WCSX yes Detroit Classic Rock HD info
 WCSX-2 yes Classic Rock
94.7  WCVM yes Bronson Contmpry Christian WBCL info
94.9  WKJZ yes Alpena Variety Hits WQLB info
94.9  WKZC Ludington Country info
94.9  WMMQ yes East Lansing Classic Rock info
94.9  WSJM yes Benton Harbor News/Talk info
94.9  WUPZ Marquette Contemporary Hits info
95.1  CKUE yes Chatham, ON Rock info
95.1  WFBE yes Flint Country info
95.1  WLST yes Marinette, WI Country info
95.1  WUPN CP Paradise info
95.3  WBCK yes Battle Creek News/Talk info
95.3  WCFX yes Mt. Pleasant Contemporary Hits info
95.3  WGRL CP Indian River info
95.3  WGVS yes Muskegon Public: Talk/Jazz WGVU info
95.3  WQTE Adrian Country info
95.3  WTRC yes South Bend News/Talk info
95.5  WJZJ yes Traverse City Rock info
95.5  WKQI yes Detroit Contemporary Hits HD info
 WKQI-2 yes Contemporary Hits
95.7  WAOR yes South Bend Classic Rock info
95.7  WCMB yes Oscoda Public: Classical/Talk WCMU info
95.7  WHWL yes Marquette Religious info
95.7  WIMX Toledo Adult Urban Contmpry info
95.7  WLHT yes Grand Rapids Hot Adult Contmpry  HD info
 WLHT-2 yes Ethnic WNWZ
95.9  CJWF yes Windsor Country info
95.9  WEFM Michigan City, IN AC/Oldies info
95.9  WLKM yes Three Rivers Classic Hits info
96.1  WHNN yes Bay City Classic Hits info
96.1  WMAX yes Grand Rapids Sports HD info
 WMAX-2 Alt Classics
96.1  WMTR yes Archbold, OH Hot Adult Contmpry info
96.3  WDVD yes Detroit Hot Adult Contmpry HD info
 WDVD-2 Alt Classics
96.3  WLXT yes Petoskey Adult Contemporary info
96.3  WSFQ yes Marinette, WI Classic Hits info
96.5  WBHC Benton Harbor silent info
96.5  WKZO yes Kalamazoo News/Talk info
96.5  WQHH Lansing Urban info
96.7  CHYR yes Leamington, ON Hot Adult Contmpry info
96.7  WCOE yes LaPorte, IN Country info
96.7  WLXV Cadillac Hot Adult Contmpry info
96.7  WMJT Newberry Variety Hits info
96.7  WRGZ Rogers City Country WATZ info
96.7  WUFN Albion Religious info
96.7  WUPG Marquette Variety Hits info
96.9  WBTI Lexington Hot Adult Contmpry info
96.9  WLAV yes Grand Rapids Classic Rock HD info
96.9  WNKL yes Wauseon, OH Contmpry Christian KLVR info
96.9  WWCM yes Standish Public: Classical/Talk WCMU info
97.1  WGLQ Escanaba Contemporary Hits info
97.1  WXYT yes Detroit Sports HD info
 WXYT-2 yes News WWJ
97.3  CHIM yes Sault Ste Marie Religious info
97.3  WDEE Big Rapids Oldies info
97.3  WJZE Toledo Urban info
97.3  WMJO Bay City Variety Hits info
97.5  CBEW yes Windsor Variety; CBC1 info
97.5  WJIM yes Lansing Contemporary Hits info
97.5  WKLT yes Kalkaska Rock info
97.5  WWSN Muskegon Adult Contemporary info
97.5  WYDM yes Monroe Hot Adult Contmpry info
97.5  WYTZ yes St. Joesph Country info
97.7  WMLQ Manistee Adult Contemporary info
97.7  WMRX yes Beaverton Adult Standards info
97.7  WOLV Houghton Classic Hits info
97.7  WQEZ Cheboygan Adult Contemporary info
97.7  WSRG yes Sturgeon Bay, WI Country info
97.7  WSSM yes South Bend Classic Hits info
97.7  WTGV Sandusky Adult Contemporary info
97.9  WGRD yes Grand Rapids Active Rock HD info
97.9  WIHC Newberry Religious WGCP info
97.9  WJLB yes Detroit Urban HD info
 WJLB-2 yes Urban
98.1  WDFM yes Defiance, OH Hot Adult Contmpry info
98.1  WEUL yes Iron Mountain Religious WHWL info
98.1  WGFN yes Traverse City Classic Rock info
98.1  WKCQ Saginaw Country info
98.3  WCMZ yes Sault Ste Marie Public: Classical/Talk WCMU info
98.3  WCXT yes Hartford Hot Adult Contmpry info
98.3  WLCS Muskegon Oldies info
98.3  WMIM yes Toledo Adult Contemporary HD info
98.3  WRUP Munising Classic Rock info
98.5  WNWN yes Coldwater Country info
98.5  WUPS yes Houghton Lake Classic Hits info
98.7  WDZH yes Detroit Contemporary Hits HD info
 WDZH-2 yes Smooth Jazz
98.7  WFGR yes Grand Rapids Classic Hits HD info
98.7  WGLI Hancock Rock info
98.7  WLDN CP Pentwater info
98.9  WKLZ yes Petoskey Rock WKLT info
98.9  WOWE Flint Adult Urban Contmpry info
98.9  WQOS Mt. Pleasant Classic Rock info
98.9  WRAX Mt. Pleasant —- info
99.1  WFMK yes East Lansing Adult Contemporary info
99.1  WIKB yes Iron River Country info
99.1  WSMK Buchanan Rhythmic Contmpry Hits info
99.1  CJAM yes Windsor College info
99.3  WATZ Alpena Country info
99.3  WBET Sturgis Oldies info
99.3  WOUF yes Frankfort Rock info
99.3  WJQK yes Grand Rapids Contmpry Christian info
99.5  WFPM yes Battle Creek Religious info
99.5  WNGE Marquette Oldies info
99.5  WYCD yes Detroit Country HD info
 WYCD-2 yes Country
 WYCD-3 yes Spanish Hits
99.5  WYSS yes Sault Ste Marie Contemporary Hits info
99.7  WIMI yes Ironwood Hot Adult Contmpry info
99.7  WUGN yes Midland Religious info
99.7  WZDR yes Sturgeon Bay, WI Classic Hits WYDR info
99.9  CFGX yes Sarnia, ON Adult Contemporary info
99.9  WHAK Rogers City Oldies info
99.9  WHFB yes Benton Harbor Country info
99.9  WKKO yes Toledo Country HD info
100.1  WBCH yes Hastings Country info
100.1  WCUZ Manistee News/Talk info
100.1  WRHN Rhinelander, WI Hot Adult Contmpry info
100.1  WVIB Muskegon Adult Urban Contmpry info
100.3  WLKI yes Angola, IN Hot Adult Contmpry HD info
 WLKI-2 Classic Rock
 WLKI-3 Sports
100.3  WNIC yes Detroit Hot Adult Contmpry HD info
 WNIC-2 yes Adult Contemporary
100.3  WQON yes Grayling Rock info
100.3  WUPT Marquette Classic Hits info
100.5  CHAS yes Sault Ste Marie Adult Contemporary info
100.5  WEEH yes Hart Oldies info
100.5  WSGW yes Saginaw News/Talk/Sports info
100.5  WTRV yes Grand Rapids Adult Contemporary info
100.7  CKUE yes Windsor Rock info
100.7  WBYT yes South Bend Country info
100.7  WITL yes Lansing Country info
100.7  WOBE Iron Mountain Classic Hits info
100.7  WWTH Oscoda Country info
100.9  WBNO yes Bryan, OH Classic Hits info
100.9  WICV yes East Jordan Classical WIAA info
100.9  WLUN yes Pinconning Sports info
100.9  WMBC yes Norton Shores Contmpry Christian WHEY info
100.9  WQXC yes Kalamazoo Oldies info
100.9  WWBR Big Rapids Country info
101.1  WGRY Roscommon Sports info
101.1  WRIF yes Detroit Active Rock HD info
 WRIF-2 yes Rock
101.1  WUPY yes Ontonagon Country info
101.3  WBFX yes Grand Rapids Rock HD info
 WBFX-2 Adult Alternative
101.3  WSUE yes Sault Ste Marie Rock info
101.5  WJNR Iron Mountain Country info
101.5  WMJZ Gaylord Variety Hits info
101.5  WMTE Manistee Classic Hits info
101.5  WNSN yes South Bend Adult Contemporary info
101.5  WRVF yes Toledo Adult Contemporary info
101.5  WWBN yes Flint Active Rock HD info
101.7  WHZZ Lansing Variety Hits info
101.7  WMRR yes Muskegon Rock info
101.7  WPRJ yes Coleman Contmpry Christian info
101.9  WDET yes Detroit Public: Variety HD info
 WDET-2 yes Adult Alternative
101.9  WKQS Marquette Adult Contemporary info
101.9  WLDR Traverse City Country HD info
 WLDR-2 Smooth Jazz
 WLDR-3 Rock
 WLDR-4 Sports
102.1  WLEW Bad Axe Adult Hits info
102.1  WMUK yes Kalamazoo Public: Variety HD info
 WMUK-2 yes Variety
102.3  WGRT yes Port Huron Adult Contemporary info
102.3  WHKB Houghton Country info
102.3  WPOS yes Toledo Religious info
102.3  WSMM yes South Bend Classic Hits WSSM info
102.3  WTHN yes Sault Ste Marie Religious WPHN info
102.3  WYBR Big Rapids Hot Adult Contmpry info
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– For the Radio Types –


At the American Legion Post –
Where they do the YA Salsa Sunday Socials –


Salsa Band- 03/2015

– Salsa Time Band –
– 31775 Grand River Ave –
– Farmington Hills – MI –
– Sunday – March 22, 2015 – 6 PM –

– Last Y A Salsa Sunday Social of Winter –

 – Y A Salsa Sunday Social

Sunday,  February 22, 2015  –  5:30 PM

American Legion Post 346

31775 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI (map)

42.457352 -83.360689

The YA Salsa Social is Detroit’s biggest salsa dance party.

Hosted once per month by YA Salsa,
attendees have the chance to learn salsa from some of the best instructors in Metro Detroit.


$10 at the door gets you:

Beginner & Intermediate and On2 Salsa Lesson starting at 5:30 p.m.!

Endless Beverages & Snacks!

A huge wooden dance floor!

The hottest salsa tracks spun by our volunteer guest DJ’s

( Issac, Cisco,  MarcB)

Two floors of dancing –

Salsa and Cha Cha Cha upstairs,

Latin Mix downstairs !

Cash Bar!   (( $ 1.- draft beer … ))


Sunday, February 22,  2015 , from 5:30 – 10 p.m. —

WHERE: American Legion Post 346

31775 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI —


All Ages welcome


For you blogger types –
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for some of the info ))

email –

MidwestMusicMafia  At Live or GMail  Dot Com

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Latin American music and dance


  • The term Latin American as used here encompasses the Americas south of the United States, as well as the entire Caribbean.
  • The musics of this vast area are perhaps most efficiently discussed in terms of ethnic components–European (especially Iberian), Amerindian, African, and mestizo (“mixed” or acculturated).

Amerindian Background

  • During the colonial period in Latin America (16th-19th century) many Amerindian populations were decimated, and much traditional Amerindian musical culture was destroyed or syncretized with Iberian.
  • Little evidence remains as to the real nature of music in the Aztec, Inca, and
  • Maya civilizations apart from the testimony of 16th-century Spanish chroniclers and what can be seen of instruments–percussion and winds, with almost total absence of strings–depicted in hieroglyphs and pottery decorations. Modern Andean Indians still make extensive use of vertical flutes and panpipes, along with European instruments such as bass drums, harps, and guitars of different sizes.
  • In Mesoamerica Indians now play harps, fiddles, and guitars based upon archaic Spanish models, or MARIMBAS of African origin, all of which have largely replaced indigenous instruments. Only in certain tropical areas (as the Amazon basin) are virtually unacculturated Amerindian musics found.

Iberian Influences

  • relatively few Iberian genres have been retained in their original forms,
  • Iberian origins of many song and dance forms are evident in the use of harps, fiddles, guitars, and many song types derived from Spanish verse structures such as the copla and decima.
  • Such genres include the desafio of Brazil, cueca of Chile and Bolivia, joropo of Venezuela, sones and corrido of Mexico, seis of Puerto Rico, and punto of Cuba.
  • They are usually danced in couples and often incorporate such features as shoe tapping and scarf waving.
  • In addition to the above dances of Iberian derivation, pan-European ballroom dances such as the polka, mazurka, and waltz developed many regional variations.

African Influences

  • The largest black populations are found in the circum-Caribbean region and Brazil. African musical features commonly retained include call and response singing, polyrhythms, extensive use of persistently repeated musical figures, and improvisation based on recurring short phrases.
  • African instruments (primarily percussive) found in both unaltered and adapted forms, with many regional names and variations, include long drums, often in “family” sets of three (congas), iron gongs, internal or external rattles (maracas, shekere), “thumb piano” (marimbula), marimbas, and concussion sticks (claves). (Clave is also the name of an important syncopated rhythmic figure.)
  • The “steel drum” (tuned metal barrel) associated with Trinidad’s CALYPSO has no direct African equivalent but evolved from drum ensembles.
  • A form of music and dance of the Caribbean, calypso had its primary development in Trinidad, where it is associated particularly with the pre-lenten carnival. Before the carnival begins musicians try out their songs nightly before audiences in Port of Spain. The most popular are used during the carnival.
  • The words of calypso songs are witty and humorous and convey popular attitudes on social, political, or economic problems. Rhythms are provided most often by STEEL BAND percussion instruments, made from the tops of oil drums. As a type of ballroom dance, calypso resembles the rumba, and the music often is performed with conventional dance-band instruments.
  • The most African forms are usually associated with African-derived religions, such as voodoo of Haiti and the Yoruba-oriented candomble of Brazil and santeria of Cuba.
  • The secular samba (Brazil), RUMBA and conga (Cuba), bomba (Puerto Rico) and other forms are also stylistically African.
  • Rumba is a type of medium-to-fast polyrhythmic Afro-Cuban song and dance, with a three-part form of introduction, improvised verses, and repetitive call-and-response. It is typically accompanied by 2 to 3 conga drums and sticks. This structure has been adapted for Cuban popular music ensembles. Rhumba is an American term for various Cuban song and dance genres–for example, the son or BOLERO, which are not actually rumbas but were popular dance music styles in the United States during the 1930s and ’40s.
  • More acculturated genres have become national folk/popular musics; generally combining European melodic/harmonic instruments with African percussion, they include the MERENGUE (variants in Dominican Republic and Haiti), plena of Puerto Rico, the cumbia of Colombia/Panama (popular in Central America, Mexico, and the U.S. Southwest), and guaracha and son of Cuba.
  • Merengue is a very popular vocal and dance style from the Dominican Republic.
  • It developed in the early 19th century and is related to the meringue of Haiti. The merengue rhythm is a moderate to extremely fast duple meter, and is danced with a simple sideways couple two-step.
  • It is found in both folk music, using accordion, double-headed tambora drum, and metal guayo scraper, and in various popular orchestral formats. Important performers and bandleaders include Angel Viloria, Johnny Ventura, and Juan Luis Guerra.

Impact on World Musics

  • Still more Europeanized forms (individual songs, genres, and their dance steps) have become popular on the “pan-Latin” and international level through their diffusion by mass media.
  • These include the BOLERO and chachacha of Cuba, the TANGO of Argentina, and the cabaret samba and bossa nova of Brazil.
  • A dance that evolved in Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century, the tango is probably derived from the milonga, a lively, suggestive Argentinian dance, and the habanera of Cuba and the West Indies. By the 1920s it had become a popular ballroom dance in Europe and the United States, and had been transformed into a flowing, elegant series of steps accompanied by somewhat melancholy music with a characteristic tango beat.
  • SALSA has evolved from the Cuban son and other genres as a popular music of urban Caribbean Hispanics. As with the earlier mambo, salsa was influenced by jazz harmony and arranging. It developed its most distinctive form in New York in the early 1970s.
  • Salsa (Spanish for “hot sauce”) is a style of popular music that emerged from New York City’s Hispanic community during the mid-1970s, developing from a blend of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican music with rock and jazz.
  • Its roots are in the Latin dance music of the 1940s–which used trumpets, flutes, and voices–and the dance rhythms of the 1950s that have had varying degrees of popularity since then–the rhumba, mambo, and chacha.
  • The electric guitar, along with electronic techniques, has been added from rock, along with the instrumentation and improvisational skills of jazz.
  • Salsa musicians include performers such as Cuban singer Celia Cruz and bandleader Tito Puente, whose careers predate salsa, as well as younger musicians including bandleader Eddie Palmieri, trombonist Willie Colon, flute player Johnny Pacheco, and percussionist Ray Barretto.
  • Salsa has spread to Hispanic communities throughout the United States. It has influenced both rock and jazz, and the Latin rhythms and percussion instruments can now be heard throughout rock and dance music. However, salsa is still primarily sung in Spanish, and very few performers have crossed over to reach the same kind of success singing in English.
  • Bibliography: Gerard, Charley, and Sheller, Marty, Salsa! TheRhythm of Latin Music (1990.

Latin American music, along with jazz, which also blends African and European traits, has been a great influence on popular music around the world. Asian film songs and Eastern Mediterranean belly dancing may incorporate Latin percussion, rhythms, and/or the clave pattern. Since

the 1930s, Latin rhythms have been popular among, and reinterpreted by West, Central, and East African musicians, resulting in a rich, two-directional cross-fertilization, since the Latin music incorporates many features originally African. The rumba of Spanish flamenco is the result of a similar exchange, in this case between Spain and Cuba, its former colony.

Art Musics

From the 16th through the 19th century, most Latin American “art” music reflected contemporary European models. Musicians composed and performed music much like that of their parent colonial cultures. In the 20th century, however, a number of composers discovered their “national

voices,” based partly upon traditional folk and tribal music (or their conception or reconstruction of it). These include Heitor VILLA-LOBOS in Brazil and Manuel Ponce, Carlos CHAVEZ, Silvestre Revueltas, and Blas Galindo in Mexico. Other composers have tended to represent more universal, rather than nationalist, techniques: these include Alberto GINASTERA and Mauricio Kagel in Argentina, Camargo Guarnieri in Brazil, Domingo Santa Cruz Wilson and Juan Orrego-Salas in Chile, and Julian Carrillo in Mexico.

World music: Chronology

1920s Afro-Cuban dance music popularized in the USA by bandleader Xavier Cugat (1900-1990). Highlife music developed in W Africa.

1930s Latin American dances like samba and rumba became Western ballroom dances.

1940s Afro-Cuban rhythms fused with American jazz to become Cubop.

1950s The cool jazz school imported bossa nova from Brazil. US bandleader Tito Puente (1923-___) popularized Latin dances mambo and cha-cha-cha. Calypso appeared in the pop charts.

1960s Miriam Makeba took South African folk and pop to the West. The Beatles introduced Indian sitar music. Folk rock recycled traditional songs.

1970s Jamaican reggae became international and was an influence on punk. Cuban singer Celia Cruz established herself in the USA as the ‘queen of salsa’. Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré (1939-___) brought a blues feel to traditional African melodies.

1980s World music was embraced by several established pop stars and various African, Latin American, Bulgarian, Yemenite, and other styles became familiar in the West. Zairean Papa Wemba was one of many Third World singers recording in France.

1990s New fusions, such as Afro-Gaelic, punk Ukrainian, and bhangramuffin, appeared.

Most of the information presented here is taken from the Grolier Encyclopedia (Electronic Version)


Greater Cincinnati Bands and Music Groups – :: The Online Guide to Cincinnati, The Cincinnati Atlas is your complete city guide to entertainment, hotels, restaurants, events, businesses, nightlife, arts, music, movies and sports in Cincinnati ::

–> <!–MULCH


Greater Cincinnati Bands and Music Groups – :: The Online Guide to Cincinnati, 


CO – 

Greater Cincinnati Bands and Music Groups – :: The Online Guide to Cincinnati,

The Cincinnati Atlas | The Online Guide to Cincinnati.


– Dance – 11 Year Anniversary –

– December 28, 2014 –

– YASalsa Sunday Social –

  • Sunday, December 28, 2014

    5:30 PM

  • American Legion Post 346

    31775 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI (map)

  • Join The Gang –

    See the Band – LL7

    The next YA Salsa Social is December 28, 2014 !

    The Sunday After –  Christmas –

    The YA Salsa Social is Detroit’s biggest salsa dance party.

    Hosted once per month by YA Salsa,
    attendees have the chance to learn salsa from some of the best instructors in Metro Detroit.


    $10 at the door gets you:

    Beginner & Intermediate and On2 Salsa Lesson starting at 5:30 p.m.!

    Endless Beverages & Snacks!

    A huge wooden dance floor!

    The hottest salsa tracks spun by our volunteer guest DJ’s

    ( Issac,  Cisco,  MarcB)

    Two floors of dancing –

    Salsa and Cha Cha Cha upstairs,

    Latin Mix downstairs !

    Cash Bar!


    Sunday, December 28,  2014 , from 5:30 – 10 p.m. —

    WHERE: American Legion Post 346

    31775 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI —

    All Ages welcome

    For more events – info – see :
    (( you have to go into the ” older posts ”
    for some of the info ))

    ( There are a few more … )

    MidwestMusicMafia  At Live or GMail  Dot Com

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    Mr.G-ROX   At   Email

Burlesque 101 Class starting  – January 4th-February 8th,

building a character and act with a graduation show to debut your progress.

It will span 6 weeks on Sunday nights from 7-9pm at the Colour Field Studio (54 Ravenscroft).

The course is $100.

For more info see the website.

Jazzy Showgirl Booty Camp

In this introductory class, you’ll learn the fine art of Jazzy Showgirl, which is a combination of Cabaret and jazz, with hints of Burlesque and Hip Hop. You’ll also get a great workout, as this is an exercise-based class. Every class begins with a warm-up and stretch, followed by a standing/dancing abs workout. Then, we’ll work on a fun and sexy choreographed routine that we’ll build on week-to-week. Suitable for new dancers and fitness enthusiasts.

Anytime Fitness, 805 Patton Ave., Asheville.

When: Tuesdays, Jan 6th-Feb 3rd.

Cost: $55 until Dec. 31st; $60 Jan. 1 and after.

Sign-up at  this page.

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24 – DIA-

The 42nd annual Noel Night will take place on Saturday, December 6th, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in Detroit’s Midtown District. Over 70 institutions, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Michigan Science Center, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Detroit Historical Museum, and the Detroit Public Library, will open their doors to the public free of charge during this Cultural Center-wide holiday open house.

Activities include horse-drawn carriage rides, holiday shopping, family craft activities and performances by over 200 area music, theatre, and dance groups, with special performances by:

The Wild Feathers,

Holly Miranda with Ambrosia Parsley and Chris Maxwell,

Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir,

The Good Lovelies,

Andrew Belle,

The Rhythm Society Orchestra featuring Paul King,

Dylan LeBlanc,

Tunde Olaniran,

Thornetta Davis.

The evening’s festivities culminate with a community sing-along on Woodward Avenue led by the Salvation Army Band—a long-standing Noel Night tradition. Noel Night activities take place in Midtown Detroit, and free shuttle service is offered between participating venues. Convenient parking is available in area lots.

Noel Night is produced by Midtown Detroit, Inc., a nonprofit community development organization that supports economic growth in Detroit’s Midtown district.  Noel Night is sponsored by:  MGM Grand DetroitArts Academy in the WoodsMichigan Credit Union LeagueTrent DesignInland PressMetro TimesFox 2 News,  WDET 101.9 FMWWJ Newsradio 950100.3 WNIC, and Mix 92.3 FM.  Call 313-420-6000 or visit for additional information.

  1. Plymouth United Church of Christ

600 E. Warren • 313.831.2460 •


5:00—Spain School Musical and Performing Arts Academy;

5:45—Plymouth Renaissance Choir;

6:00—Plymouth Revelation Dance Ministry;

6:15—Plymouth Gospel Choir;

6:30—Detroit-Windsor Dance Academy;

7:00—Plymouth Blended Voices;


7:30—Cass Tech Orchestra;

8:00—Plymouth ‘Water’ Chorale/Plymouth Youth Chorale;

8:30—Detroit School of Arts.

Lower Level: Non-stop family fun! Holiday artisans, children’s games/prizes,

make& take crafts, face painting, photos, costumed characters, holiday entertainment & merriment!


4735 Cass • 313.577.3559 •

Exhibits: Troubled Assets by Geoff George and Jefferson-Chalmers. Participate in an endangered buildings activity. – DJ.


444 W. Willis • 313.833.9000 •   ///

Gallery 1: Re:Collect. Gallery 2: Launch Party and Re:See. Music and refreshments.


470 Brainard • 313.831.4263 •

6:00, 7:15, 8:30—The Mike Gardner Quartet.

  1. The Scarab Club (open at 4pm)

217 E. Farnsworth • 313.831.1250 •

5:30—Matthew Ball;

7:30—Jessica Care More;

9:00—Dylan Leblanc.

  1. Showtime Clothing             

5708 Woodward • 313.875.9280 •

Keeping true to their roots performances by Nadir and Levi Johnson.

  1. THE SMALL MALL ON 2ND New to Midtown  ///  

4246 Second • 313.656.4664


272 Anthony Wayne Drive • 313.832.4950

Presenting an intimate evening with a special musical guest.


4240 Cass, Suite 105 • 313.832.1155 •

Performance by Barbara Ware & Friends.


511 W. Canfield • 313.831.9470 •

Performance by Allen Park HS Marching Band.


3663 Woodward, Ste. 150 • 313.593.3584 •

Musical performances w/Detroit School of Arts and an art exhibition in partnership with UM Dearborn.

Maggie Allesee Dance Theatre

4841 Cass (3317 Old Main) • 313.577.4273 •

6:30, 8:00—ONSTAGE! Dance Theatre for Youth by Dance CompanyONE (tickets required).

  1. Wayne State University Old Main  

4841 Cass Cass Ave. Entrance / Front Foyer • 313.577.6156 •

WSU Dance Workshop presents hot chocolate/coffee station.


lower level: 0209 • 313.577.2107 •

Enjoy holiday music and science demos.

6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00—On a Clear Winter’s Night

(tickets required – available at 5:00pm).

Schaver Music Recital Hall

Old Main Annex Bldg., 480 W. Hancock – x Cass & Second

313.577.1795 •

7:30—Noel Night Recital by Opera Workshop.

  1. WDET 101.9FM Detroit

4600 Cass • 313.577.4146 •

Enjoy free hot cocoa, tour the WDET studios, meet the hosts, and

record your holiday wishes for Detroit!

  1. Woodward Avenue Bandstand

Between Kirby & Farnsworth

6:00—Allen Park HS Marching Band;

7:00, 8:15—Bacchanal

Productions “Top Hat Side Show”;

9:30—Salvation Army Brass Band Sing-Along.

Ice Scraper Challenge: WSU and CCS students collaborate to design and carve ice sculptures



30 E. Canfield (second floor) • 313.963.8916 •

drinks and refreshments.

6:30–8:00—Ballroom Dance Lessons;

7:00—Detroit Youth Choir;

7:30—Mosaic Youth Theatre;

8:00—Celebrity Site Tour;


Noel Night shuttles run continuously from 5:00pm–10:30pm

(last shuttle run at 10:00pm). Stops are indicated on the map.

Please visit    –    –   for full venue details,

the latest schedule and parking information!


  1. 71 GARFIELD

Eyes on Midtown 71 Garfield  313.319.9676 

Linda Bruton Law 71 Garfield, Suite 140A  313.744.2085 

LTGraphics Artist Studio & Showroom 71 Garfield, Suite 170  313.930.0318 

Lynne Ford Studio 71 Garfield, Suite 160A 

Socra Tea 71 Garfield, Suite 50  313.833.7100 

Sugar Hill Clay Studio 71 Garfield, Lower Level  313.831.6100 

  1. ADDISON EATERY 3111 Woodward  313.832.3111  **JUST ADDED!**
  2. THE AQUATIC CENTER 4219 Third  313.718.2083 
  3. AVALON INTERNATIONAL BREADS 422 W. Willis  313.832.0008 
  4. AYV MIDTOWN 4100 Woodward (Located next to the Majestic)  313.831.2473  **JUST ADDED!**

  1. BETHEL A.M.E. CHURCH 5050 St. Antoine  313.831.8810 
  2. BIGGBY COFFEE 4501 Woodward  313.831.9176  **CLOSED**
  3. THE BLACK DRESS CO. 87 E. Canfield  313.833.7795 
  4. BOB’S CLASSIC KICKS 4717 Woodward  313.832.7513 
  5. BUSTED BRA SHOP 15 E. Kirby, Suite A  313.288.0449 
  6. CAMPUS BIBLE FELLOWSHIP 74 W. Forest  313.833.9038 
  7. CASS CAFÉ 4620 Cass  313.831.1400 
  8. CASS CORRIDOG 4240 Cass, Suite 110  313.887.9684
  10. CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST. PAUL 4800 Woodward  313.831.5000 
  12. CINEMA DETROIT 3420 Cass  313.281.8301 
  13. CITY BIRD 460 W. Canfield  313-831-9146 
  14. COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES 201 E. Kirby  313.664.7400 
  15. CURL UP & DYE 4215 Cass  313.833.5006 
  16. DETROIT ARTISTS MARKET 4719 Woodward  313.832.8540 
  17. DETROIT ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN’S CLUBS 5461 Brush  313.873.1727
  18. DETROIT DESIGN CENTER GALLERY 4225 Third  313-330-2259 
  19. DETROIT HISTORICAL MUSEUM 5401 Woodward  313.833.1805 
  20. DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS 5200 Woodward  313.833.7900 
  21. DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY 5201 Woodward  313.481.1339 
  22. DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA | MAX M. FISHER MUSIC CENTER 3711 Woodward  313.576.5111 
  23. ECUMENICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 2930 Woodward  313.831.5200 
  24. EPICURUS RESTAURANT 111 W. Warren  313.832.0133
  25. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 33 E. Forest  313.831.4080 
  26. FLO BOUTIQUE 404 W. Willis  313.831.4901 
  27. FOURTEEN EAST 15 E. Kirby  313.871.0500 
  28. GALERIE CAMILE 4130 Cass, Suite C  313.974.6737 
  29. THE GARDEN THEATER 3929 Woodward  313.832.0888 
  30. GOODS 15 E. Kirby  313.703.7754 
  31. GOODWELLS NATURAL FOOD MARKET & DELI 418 W. Willis  313.831.2130
  32. GREAT EXPRESSIONS 3670 Woodward  313.355.1665 
  33. GREAT LAKES COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY 3965 Woodward  313.831.9627 
  34. GREEN GARAGE 4444 Second 
  35. HANNAN HOUSE 4750 Woodward  313.833.1300 
  36. HELLENIC MUSEUM OF MICHIGAN 67 E. Kirby  313.831.6100 
  37. THE INN ON FERRY STREET 84 E. Ferry  313.871.6000 
  38. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE 111 E. Kirby  313.871.8600 
  39. LAPALMA 113 E. Canfield  313.833.5000 
  40. MAJESTIC THEATER COMPLEX 4120 Woodward  313.833.9700 
  41. MELT 4160 Cass  313.310.1131
  42. MICHIGAN SCIENCE CENTER 5020 John R  313.577.8400 
  43. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY – DETROIT CENTER 3408 Woodward  313.578.9701 
  44. MIDTOWN INTERIOR FINISHES 4240 Cass  313.444.6438 
  45. MODEL D HOUSE 4470 Second 
  46. MOTOR CITY ART CENTER 4468 Third  313.320.1532 
  47. MOTOR CITY BREWING WORKS 470 W. Canfield  313.832.2700 
  49. MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART DETROIT 4454 Woodward  313.832.6622 
  50. N’NAMDI CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART 52 E. Forest  313.831.8700 
  51. NEST 460 W. Canfield  313.831.9776 
  52. NORA 4240 Cass, Suite 109  313.831.4845 
  53. PARK SHELTON CONDOMINIUMS 15 E. Kirby  313.872.7275 
  54. PEACOCK ROOM | FRIDA 15 E. Kirby  313.559.5500  |
  55. PLYMOUTH UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 600 E. Warren  313.831.2460 
  56. PRESERVATION DETROIT 4735 Cass  313.577.3559 
  57. RE:VIEW CONTEMPORARY GALLERY | SEE ART + DESIGN 444 W. Willis  313.833.9000 
  58. RICHARD BENNETT STUDIO GALLERY 470 Brainard  313.831.4263 
  59. THE SCARAB CLUB 217 E. Farnsworth  313.831.1250 
  60. SHOWTIME CLOTHING 5708 Woodward  313.875.9280 
  61. THE SMALL MALL ON 2ND 4246 Second  313.656.4664
  62. THE SOCIAL CLUB GROOMING CO. 5272 Anthony Wayne Drive  313.832.4950
  63. SOURCE BOOKSELLERS 4240 Cass, Suite 105  313.832.1155 

Dell Pryor Gallery  313.833.6990 

Tulani Rose  313.832.2477 

  1. THRIFT ON THE AVENUE (TOTA) 4130 Cass, Suite B  313.649.7226  **JUST ADDED!**
  2. TRAFFIC JAM & SNUG 511 W. Canfield  313.831.9470 
  3. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – DETROIT CENTER 3663 Woodward, Ste. 150  313.593.3584 
  4. WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY ART DEPARTMENT GALLERY 150 Art Building (near Cass & Kirby)  313.577.2423

  1. WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE 82 W. Warren  313.577.2436

Hilberry Theatre 4743 Cass  WSU Theatre Box Office  313-577-2972 

Maggie Allesee Dance Theatre 4841 Cass (3317 Old Main)  313-577-4273 

Studio Theatre 4743 Cass (below the Hilberry)  313-577-2972 


Cass Ave. Entrance | Front Foyer 4841 Cass  313-577-6156 

Elaine L. Jacob Gallery Old Main Annex Bldg., enter at 480 W. Hancock between Cass & Second  313-993-7813


Museum of Anthropology 1st floor  313.577.2598 

Planetarium Lower level: 0209  313.577.2107 

Schaver Music Recital Hall Old Main Annex Bldg., Enter at 480 W. Hancock between Cass & Second 


  4. WDET 101.9FM DETROIT 4600 Cass  313.577.4146 
  5. WOODWARD AVENUE BANDSTAND Located Between Kirby & Farnsworth
  6. YOGA SHELTER MIDTOWN DETROIT 69 W. Forest  313.831.9642 
  7. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION 30 E. Canfield (2nd floor)  313.963.8916 

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